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XLR to RJ45 adaptor wiring
For use with the following Leon Audio products  These products interconnect using balanced digital data on standard XLR microphone cables. 
This adaptor allows CAT5 wiring to be used as well. 
CAT5 and microphone cable may be freely mixed within the system. 

CAT5 cable and connectors are mechanically inferior to professional grade microphone cable and XLR connectors. 
Although commonly used, CAT5 is not ideal for use as temporary wiring. Avoid hand crimped RJ45 connectors if possible as the strain relief is only a figment of the designer's imagination. 
Use CAT5 cable at your own peril.

Suggested adaptor wiring 

Unused wires on RJ45 pins 1,2,3 & 6 may be connected to XLR pin 1 if desired. This will lower the DC resistance of the Ground conductor and extend the maximum cable length.

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